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Donkey bet

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donkey bet

I play micro stakes MTT and lately I have been stumbling across A LOT of donkey bets and never know how to proceed. It seems to me that.
Generally an unorthodox move, the term refers to “donkeys” or poor players, although donk bets can have strategic value (e.g., to induce raises or as blocking.
For those who do not know, a donkey bet is when you bet the flop into the preflop raiser. It goes like this; UTG limps in and flat calls. donkey bet RT HoldemRadio: Double-team Friday. We hate spam too! If we now bet the river, ca lottery 2nd could easily be interpreted as a "bluff after the opponent displayed weakness" on the turn. If villain comes over the top, seriously consider folding. Another problem is the risk of a check behind on the turn, preventing us from making our donkey bet. Cookies help us deliver our services.
Federation - Donkey (2004 BET UNCUT Music Video)

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