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Can nfl game end in a tie

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can nfl game end in a tie

In the National Football League (NFL), a tied game occurs when a regular season game ends The game can also automatically end on a safety or a defensive touchdown. Tie games were once frequent in the NFL, but have become uncommon because of a rule change in 1974 that added one sudden death overtime  ‎ Tied games to · ‎ Tied games to.
The game ended in a tie. It is reflective of backward thinking that the league can 't afford at a time when it Games do not need to end in a tie.
nfl ties, how many nfl ties, nfl draws, how many ties nfl history century was in when Donovan McNabb famously revealed that he was unaware NFL games could end in a tie. You can follow him @TheRickRosen.
49ers Vs Rams 2012 Ending. First Tie Game In The NFL Since 2008 J&O Fabrics shows you step by step on how to make a "NFL No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket" can nfl game end in a tie

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