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best in slot black desert

In any case, 5% (absolute!) more Accuracy might not be much, but it still qualifies the weapon as the BiS. I was surprised myself when I learnt.
Actually there isn't really BiS items since everything is good depending on playstyle and or situation the only thing i can tell you is that currently  WIP Detailed Kunoichi Guide - Guides.
Come back to prove that magic beats machinery in 3.2? Thanks for checking out out 3.2 BLM BiS! If it was a little unclear to anyone last time.

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The game is complex and convoluted as hell but these guides are a nice help and I always learn a few things. Facerollable PvE content aka badly balanced. Weapon : is priority but you may not have the hypercharged tome. Serendian Shrine decent drop rate. I would however, highly recommend mixing both armor sets by using the Grunil Helmet , Taritas Chest , Grunil Gloves and Taritas Shoes. Check out our YouTube and Twitch!
best in slot black desert

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