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Deal or no deal switch cases

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deal or no deal switch cases

On the face of it, then, you should switch boxes at the end of Deal Or No Deal, because you've acquired new information throughout the game.
He is then given a choice to stick or switch (take the contents of his own . In Deal or No Deal, you open all the cases but the last two, the one.
If you're a contestant on Deal or No Deal, and you're down to two cases, you're given the option to switch your cases. I know that.
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Deal or no deal switch cases - how

This is why there has been controversy. Speeches and funny hats - Smithsonian Magazine: "P... This still relies on chance of course - you need to open a few blues boxes to weight the average higher or else any deal will be rubbish. In DoND there is a guaranteed value difference between the cases so the host's knowledge becomes useless. At least not in terms of the information KNOWN. Different people have different degrees of risk tolerance. Switching is not relevant because of the random nature of the picking of the boxes to begin with.