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Ark house bonus

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ark house bonus

So we had a few bonus entries to share this week, these are some of the tree- house and we think it's absolutely awesome and cozy-looking!.
3x3 with a single wall high is enough to get 300% bonus (third picture). Check your green house % and then add in 1 or 2 Greenhouse.
Got a big wide open house I built and it doesn't give us the house bonus while inside. Now we are using a behemoth gate as the door is that.
HUD Text: Your movement speed is decreased! Retrieved best slots machines " The first level is all adobe windows and doors with coversthe second level of wall is all adobe walls. But if I stood on the foundations, I'd be fine except for the fog. Some of my homes have "blank spots" where you don't get the house buff. Other Info: This ark house bonus occurs, on the Scorched Earth map, by being overheated, for too long, without resolving the issue. ARK Survival Evolved: Wooden House Cave Building!

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HUD Text: You're knocked out! Drop some inventory weight in order to move again! Powered by ARK: Survival Evolved. Only thing I can think of. Move speed begins to drop slightly before this status appears e. ark house bonus

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