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cover all bingo

Get your official Coverall Bingo card in the Sunday, March 6 Reading Eagle. Then, look in the Reading Eagle every day from Monday, March 7 through Sunday.
Admission Pack - A pack of bingo cards that includes every regular "session" game. Bonanza Bingo - A form of " coverall," with a couple of variations.
Coverall: A pattern that requires the whole card to be be covered in order to win. Usually about 50 to 60 of the 75 bingo numbers would have to be called in. BINGO "Bonanza" Coverall Progressive

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Most bingo halls will not honor a bingo on a winning number if it is not called before the next number has been announced. Texas Blackout: A variation of bingo. Texas Blackout - A variation of "blackout" where the first number called odd or even determines that all of the even or all the odd numbers are "wild" and can be marked. Caller: The person who calls out the numbers for the players. This is the same as a "blackout". Sign Up For Our Newsletter:.

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