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17 sided die

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17 sided die

A blank polyhedron that can be used as a 17 - sided die. 12 of the 17 faces are in parallel pairs; if the die lands on one of the 5 faces around the middle.
In geometry, a heptadecagon or 17 -gon is a seventeen- sided polygon. Contents. [hide]. 1 Regular heptadecagon. 1.1 Construction. 2 Symmetry; 3 Related  ‎ Regular heptadecagon · ‎ Symmetry · ‎ Related polygons · ‎ References.
Anyone know of a place I can buy one 36 sided die? One that has the .. On Fri, 03 Aug 2001 23: 17:47 GMT, "Jason E. Schaff". 17 sided die

17 sided die - mahjong

Originally Posted by Duke. I also sell a numbered version of this die. Retrieved from " In My Humble Opinion IMHO. Find all posts by asterion. Originally Posted by Hoopy Frood. View Public Profile Find all posts by Dead Cat. What is Random?

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