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Can there be a tie in the nfl

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can there be a tie in the nfl

Although ties aren't that rare in the NFL -- there have been four since keep in mind that there's 90 percent chance the game could end in a tie.
Although not common in the N.F.L., tie games do crop up from time to Sunday night's game was the sixth tie of the 21st century, and there.
But as you might expect, there were plenty of people calling for an end to all ties after the result on Sunday — the second-week in a row.

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CLUB GOLD CASINO Browns searching for franchise QB. Does your favorite driver have a good chance of winning? The wheel routes, drag bowl games odds vegas and go routes against slower defenders have always been a bread-and-butter for Davis but somewhere along the line offensive coordinators just seemed to forget. If it is still a tie, repeat. The point after try is not attempted if the game ends on a touchdown. The real problem is in the playoffs, where perhaps there should be some time limit followed by some kind of shootout. The visiting team captain will call the toss.
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