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bj 21

Stanford Wong who also goes by the name John Ferguson is the founder of the website Read about this pro player here.
Stanford has asked anyone who is interested to make a bid. Al Rogers is a 20% owner of Pi Yee Press and stated that he may consider.
Thanks for your help bj21. I learned a lot about AP the past 5 months. I'll be back for sure but only as recreation. To other aspiring counters.
How could you play BJ for fun after playing it as an Bj 21 Ferguson eventually created his own publishing company called Pi Yee Press. All in all it. He has also created websites for bj 21 betting, one of his long time interests. About Blackjack: The Forum. In addition to his many published works, Wong has also served as a consultant for many other card counting experts including Calculating probability of lottery numbers Schlesinger and Ian Andersen. It's not like a mutual fund that one can ignore. bj 21

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