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bovada deposit declined

It looks like there is something fishy going on with one of the payment processors at Bovada. I had 2.49 charge posted to my checking. **New member question** Visa Netspend deposit for.
I recently tried depositing on bovada using a pre-paid vanilla visa and was declined. I called up support and they suggested visa netspend.
You tried to deposit money, but your credit card was declined, or you don't know how to get money You can still use a VISA credit card to deposit with Bovada.
I am bovada deposit declined sure why you would suggest like you do in all your posts for him to call customer support in this case when he already did that and it was a fail. You may not edit your posts. Cant deposit on bovada with normal bank card? Bovada deposit declined don't like MoneyGram because I tried it using their online option and they blocked the transaction until I called in and answered several questions including, " Are you gaming with the money? Credit Card Online Casinos — How To Make Your Deposit. If you would like to discuss casino profit margin further you will need to speak to the security department to clear up an outstanding issues on your account.

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