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Should the resolution event occur prior to April 1st all "YES" bets received within a two week period prior to the event will be refunded, minus BitBet's.
Should the resolution event occur early, all bets received (where "received" means "included in a block") after the event will be refunded, minus BitBet's fee.
The latest Tweets from BitBet (@ BitBets): "#Bitcoin - Bitcoin ETF has trades in 2017 -". Moreover, this informative guide shows bitbet the various options available for them when purchasing Bitcoins. I agree that it is not a nice way to deal with this issue, but bitbet are free to 6 deck dealer shoe their "service". Increasing the fee in a third transaction seemed to be a right call at that time, but even that transfer was not included in any of the mined blocks on the Bitcoin network. Although still bitbet its BETA stage, Bit bet has made its way into the Bitcoin casino industry through its topnotch services and available games. This fifth Bitcoin transaction used different inputs, yet the same outputs as all of the four previous transactions. I love the "tough shit" attitude- not what anybody would want to hear when expressing a grievance.
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