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bovus el doro

You don't have him three star yet really he easy to get three star I actually heard that hopper just got him 5 star like what bovus is good though  Bovus el doro token bug — Dungeon Boss.
Bovus El Doro - Character Summary - Dungeon Boss (IOS/Android Game) This video highlights the Bovus El.
The Spaceman shows the fully ascended 6 star stats for Bovus El Doro, including his abilities and buffs.

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Purpose of Honor Scrolls. Well have you tried him out in battle? Skip to Site Navigation. I've been pretty lucky and got more deep portal heroes like Torchy and Phemus. This is bovus so please keep it on topic.. Well this my first thing to say this happened yesterday..

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The boosted CRIT chance increases with the rank I-III of this trait.. Quick Loot and Loot Keys. Upgrading increases its damage output. May seem stupid now but when i'm trying to finish it with level sixty heroes i'll be thanking myself. TRAIN ALL THE HEROES!

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