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An entity

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an entity

An entity is something that maintains a separate existence. In business, an entity is an organizational structure that has its own goals.
An entity is any singular, identifiable and separate object. It refers to individuals, organizations, systems, bits of data or even distinct system components that are.
For the " entity " is synonymous with “person,” as that term is used in the broad legal sense. Both terms are defined as: any individual. Eomac - Toward An Entity Of Oneness [Bedouin]

An entity -

To understand this, we need to explore the structure of the human body. The business owner decided to make his business a corporation so that it was a different legal entity than himself. Learning meditation can help align your mental body with your emotional body and bring your emotions under control. Economy at a Glance. There are hotlines you can call to find help. There is a protective shield between our etheric and astral bodies. Entities promote over eating, missing sleep, living in noisy circumstances, abusing alcohol, drugs, or sex, etc.
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