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Casino war odds

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casino war odds

A tutorial about how to play casino war, either online or in a traditional casino. Includes an analysis of the house edge, odds, and probability for the game.
I understand the game. It's basically high low on a deck of cards where the highest hand wins. 1.) Does anyone play this? And if so, what's the.
At the beginning of each game each player must make a Casino War wager (" Primary . wagers shall be paid in accordance with the approved payout odds. Casino War - Easy Game to Play & Win - Online Learn to Play
Now that we understand war its time to run some tests. Its casino war odds simple, no strategy that I can see. So, the lower the better. A war is when your card ties with the dealers and you have to put double alice in dreamland movie bet out on the table hoping to beat the dealer on yet another draw. Although you may think that there's no reason to risk your money to win only half of your bet, it is definitely better to risk two units than to sacrifice one just because you don't feel to continue. It appeals to people in part because of the nostalgia inherent in the game. casino war odds

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